Amazing Women Masters Rower:
Janet Margusity

We are delighted to kick-off our “Amazing Women Masters Rowers” series with Janet Margusity‘s story of why she rows.

JanetWhat rowing moment you are most proud of?
My first race on the Schuylkill was in a gig. My entire Rowing Club Racing group was there to cheer me on. They were so loud that everyone in the stands were cheering. I was dead last but as I came across the finish line, even my competitors gave me a high five. From then on I am Eddie the Eagle to my rowing Club. Almost cried that day from the love coming from my Cooper family.

How has rowing shaped you?
I think rowing provides me with a centering that helps me through a busy stressful day. To me there is nothing more incredible then sitting at the bottom of the river as the sun is coming up and the birds are singing. It is so spiritual for me.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome to row your best?
I think for me it’s my body make-up. I am only 5’3 with short legs so I always have to over-compensate. I’m rowing against women who are 5’5 and up.

What are the biggest life lessons you’ve learned from rowing?
I think at 70 years old you can do whatever you put your mind to. My mantra is Believe in Extraordinary. I believe that!

What inspires you to keep rowing?
It is a sport that women of all ages can do. I don’t see me slowing down. Recently a woman who I respect very much said she felt that I had an edge going into this racing season. Because I have only been rowing for five years she felt that I had not hit my peak yet which would give me an edge with those women who have rowed for many years. Not to be cocky, but I agree.

What club or team are you currently rowing with?
Cooper Rowing Club

What do you like most about rowing a single or with others?
I really enjoy a single. It’s about me and the boat. I do row in a quad.

What are you currently working towards as a rower? as a competitor?
This is the year when I place. I have worked very hard this winter preparing myself for this racing season. Four days a week in the gym and two nights a week in erg training. I have never felt this focused or this prepared for a competitive season. My goal is rowing my boat in The Head of the Charles Oct 20th.

What advice do you have for other women rowers?
Enjoy the moment when you and the boat are in total synch, the sound of the boat as it flows over the water and the sound of the oars are like a magical song. It is that moment when your heart and soul just wants to scream with joy.

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