Amazing Women Masters Rower: Erin Sabo

What do you love about coxing?
I have been coxing for 7 years. I literally was working my side job at the country club. On a Sunday, I was seating a family of three. The one female said to me “You’re small,  I need you.”

She gave me a flyer for Three Rivers Rowing in Pittsburgh, PA. The rest is history.

I had no clue as to what I was doing, but over a span of five years, I built myself up and coxed for various programs throughout the boathouse.

I have been a dedicated coxswain for the boathouse’s Triple AAA team for the last two years.

Getting up at 4:20am is nothing to be desired, especially when you are not a morning person!

My favorite thing about coxing is when I see a response to a certain call that I make, such as, to set the boat or get more acceleration. When I get the response I am looking for, it makes me feel so good.

Because I have multiple health problems, I also use coxing as an escape mechanism.  When I’m coxing, I am lost in my happy place. It helps me decompress from my every day stresses.

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Author: Vreni Hommes

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