Amazing Women Masters Rower:
Susan Beaudry

What rowing moment you are most proud of?
The rowing moment I’m most proud of is winning the Gold at the 2006 FISA World Masters Rowing Regatta in a D (50-54) coxed four. I had never trained so hard! I was so excited to be picked for the boat and the three other women in the boat were people I loved. It was truly an amazing moment when we finished and I saw the number 7 (our lane) held up!

How has rowing shaped you?
Rowing has taught me about discipline, dedication and working as a team.

What’s the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome to row your best?
The biggest challenge would be getting older. I belong to a small club and most of my contemporaries have either retired from rowing or moved away. I’m actually the oldest rower in the club! It’s difficult to compete for a seat with people 10 to 30 years younger than you.

What are the biggest life lessons you’ve learned from rowing?
Never give up, just show up!

What inspires you to keep rowing?
The beauty of the Hudson River, the work out, and the friendships.

What club or team are you currently rowing with?
Hudson River Rowing Association.

What do you like most about rowing a single or with others?
I love the comradary of rowing in a four or eight especially those magical times when the water is right, the rowers are in sync and you can hear the bubbles under the boat.

What are you currently working towards as a rower? as a competitor?
I’m working on keeping fit and strong. When in a boat I’m working on technique. In rowing, there’s always room for improvement.

What advice do you have for other women rowers?
Show up – never give up. There’s always the next stroke – let the last one go.

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